How StatByte Achieved 42.3% Conversion through B2B Telemarketing, Demand Generation, and Event Marketing for a UK-Based Exhibition Organizer

6000+ B2B Contact Data

1263 Visitor Registrations

533 Turn Ups

Campaign Type
Market Research, B2B Data, International Visitor Registration
Target Location
APAC and Europe
Target Industries
Target Decision Makers
CEO, Head Purchase , Head R&D


Our client is one of the world’s oldest and largest event organizers based in the UK. Operating in more than 40 countries, our client connects millions of people through their events, and caters to various industries and marketers to help them expand their businesses across the globe. Their industry base is growing to serve an array of areas including pharmaceutical, logistics, home styling, and more. And, with every industry’s need being different, they needed to be able to create a provision for every unique requirement.


As a leading organizer of pharmaceutical events and healthcare exhibitions in China, our client wanted to merge three separate events into one. In addition, due to the unavoidable circumstances, the event location also needed to be changed.

  • Our client was looking to grow their international signups for the events and seeking help from professional telemarketers with real experience and proven expertise.
  • The client was extremely pre-occupied, hence wanted a team who would independently carry out research, identify challenges, and proactively work towards a solution.
  • Since our client wanted to relocate their event, they also needed help with managing participant attendance, itinerary, accommodation.
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