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Our telemarketing service brings you more qualified B2B leads, marketing events, and more appointments.

StatByte is an undisputed leader in B2B telemarketing and telesales industry. We are serving our global clients with accurate B2B leads, and assisting them to close the sales gap with B2B events and appointments. With a proven track record of successful telemarketing campaigns, StatByte offers unparalleled services to aid your lead generation process. Powered by an efficient, multilingual team of telemarketers, we help you explore global markets and expand business.

Our experienced, multilingual telemarketing team carves out personalized, client-focused scripts to effectively get your prospects into a receptive frame of mind. Our full-length B2B telemarketing services help you:

  • Explore interests and identify prospects

  • Nurture leads and build relationships

  • Respond to queries and strengthen trust

  • Qualify sales prospects through verification

  • Promote event and marketing collaterals

  • Expand sales territory and target areas

Multi-tiered B2B telemarketing support for:

Multi-tiered B2B telemarketing support for

Boost Your Sales Pipeline with our B2B Telemarketing and Leads

Our unrivaled dedication to quality and laser-focused, account-based marketing gives you the best quality leads through B2B telemarketing.

Boost Your Sales Pipeline with our B2B Telemarketing and Leads

Stay Informed with reports and analytics, make a data-driven decision

Stay informed at every stage with timely reports and make an informed decision. We maintain complete transparency in our process and share timely reports. Monitor campaigns, know lead quality, and forecast leads performance. Increase chances of customer acquisition by developing a data-driven B2B lead generation strategy with our leads intelligence report.

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