Arm Your Sales and Marketing Teams With Accurate B2B Research Data

Get accurate insights into B2B leads and segment your prospects for managing and personalizing marketing efforts. Improve sales performance with flawless buyer persona research and customer journey mapping. Retain your customers with brand experience and loyalty research.

Our Business-to-Business Research Services Include:

  • Buyer Journey Mapping

    Perceive ideas from the buyer’s point of view and map their journey by identifying key touchpoints. Identify potential sectors to nurture your leads along the buyer's journey and prepare a killer marketing strategy to acquire and retain your B2B customers.

  • Path to Purchase Research

    Discover valuable insights into customer touchpoints, avoid bottlenecks, and eliminate major roadblocks for creating an impactful sales pipeline. Improve customer experience and brand loyalty, and boost sales performance by optimizing customer contact points.

  • Buyer Persona Research

    Create more effective strategies and boost the sales pipeline by understanding your target prospects with B2B buyer persona research. At StatByte, we generate buyer persona research data that helps your sales team get more insights into leads and understand your customers better.

  • Buyer Segmentation Research

    We break down customer data to the granular level and group them based on similar interests so that you can personalize your strategies for the target groups and generate more ROI. Our B2B data segmentation research improves the quality of leads and increases customer acquisition.

  • Brand Loyalty Research

    Get insights into brand loyalty and evaluate B2B customer experience to improve retention and customer satisfaction. Our research helps you identify opportunity areas by breaking down the data to individual reports and highlights key factors to enhance B2B customer loyalty.

How Our B2B Research Helps Your Business:

  • Deliver personalized and relevant customer experiences

  • Identify key touchpoints and optimize them

  • Elevate customer loyalty and satisfaction

  • Predict customer behavior and prepare call-to-action

  • Analyze customer pain points and strengthen relationships

  • Improve customer retention and brand experience

We align our B2B research services with your customer life cycle

Customer Life Cycle in a Nut-Shell


Stay Informed with reports and analytics, make a data-driven decision.

Stay informed at every stage with timely reports and make an informed decision. We maintain complete transparency in our process and share timely reports. Monitor campaigns, know lead quality, and forecast leads performance. Increase chances of customer acquisition by developing a data-driven B2B lead generation strategy with our leads intelligence and reports.

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