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Customized B2B data, Lead Generation, Event Marketing, Appointments Setting, and Telemarketing

Sales and marketing success comes when you target the right prospect.

We at StatByte, help you do just that. StatByte Marketing Solutions is a leading agency in the field of bespoke data, verified B2B contact lists, lead generation, and event marketing. Through our well-defined and data-driven approach, we deliver the highest quality results in less time. StatByte connects businesses with the right prospects and helps them expand globally with B2B data acquisition, data validation, telesales, appointments setting , lead generation, and event marketing.

Since its inception, StatByte has helped a number of national and international brands and businesses drive their revenue growth with our services. Our global clientele has grown over the years and earned us appreciation for our quality, accuracy, and speed. With our flexibility and agility, we are committed to helping our clients succeed in business. Let us be part of your success and turn the sales volume up. Reach more markets, explore wider audience groups with our multilingual team. Work with us.

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At StatByte, our mission is to provide tailored services to each of our clients for their lead generation, data services, event marketing, and telemarketing needs. Curated with care, we aim to deliver best results in less time while maintaining quality, authenticity, and excellence.

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Our vision is to make quality and bespoke data available for businesses for a healthier, better, and profitable tomorrow. We want to transform the way businesses target, engage, and reach their potential customers by helping them expand globally with precise, universal, and custom B2B marketing services.

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StatByte boasts of its highly data-driven and target-oriented approach. Our qualifying criteria for finding the best prospect for your business involves strict filtering of data. With the help of advanced tools and agile processes, we cherry-pick B2B prospects that you can readily engage and do business with.

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Statbyte maintains quality assurance guidelines. This enables us to deliver highly-accurate target data and leads for our clients. With our robust and well-defined quality framework, we guarantee accuracy, maintain compliance, and ensure quality of our data. All our work is verified and audited for its quality.

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Together With you, we mutually agree upon a strategy and create a time-bound goal. We ensure complete adherence to the guidelines and deliver well on time. In fact, we deliver results 82% faster than most in-house teams. We maintain transparency throughout our communication and processes. This helps you keep track of work-in-progress and make an informed decision

From the Founder’s Desk

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Ashish Gupta | Founder and CEO | StatByte Marketing Solutions

Ashish is an excellence-driven, target-oriented B2B marketer with profound knowledge in generating business data and leads for high-value businesses worldwide. With a background in Project Management project management, sales and marketing, he has helped businesses across the globe with his expertise and knowledge. Blessed with excellent management skills and data interpretation abilities, Ashish demonstrates unmatched efficiency and accuracy.

When he is not working, you will find him reading the latest copies in B2B sales, marketing, leadership, and customer centricity. Need help with project management, lead generation, appointments, and event marketing? Ashish is your guy. See how he can transform your business and revamp the sales strategy.

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Your Bespoke Global B2B Data is One Click Away

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